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We Detect hidden troubles and ensure full-fledged safety of your property. Our building inspector in orlando FL follows ASTM E2018 standards for quality assessment.

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About FCBI, your commercial building inspection partner in Orlando, FL

Led by Chris Barnard, we are seasoned commercial property inspectors in Orlando, FL, with over two decades of expertise. Our team has continued to set new benchmarks in the commercial inspection space, making us trusted industry leaders. Our goal is straightforward: To provide you with clear insights of your property’s condition and safeguard your investment.

    Why Choose Us For Building Inspections In Orlando?

    Unrivaled expertise

    At FCBI, our city of Orlando building inspections are backed by over a decade of experience in wide-ranging commercial buildings and properties.

    Right on time

    We understand the criticality of timely inspection reports. We provide complete assessment report within 2-3 business days from inspection.

    No hidden cost

    We offer all-inclusive building inspection packages based on your exact requirements and charge what we quote, not a penny more.

    Certified commercial inspection specialists

    Our certified building inspectors in Orlando FL carry board certifications from the preeminent institutions like National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors (NACBI), Infraspection Institute, and Master Inspector Certification Board. We carry accurate and in-depth commercial property condition assessments and provide reliable reports with thorough insights.

    Our commercial building inspection in Orlando, FL


    Assess a building’s visible structure for possible defects or settlement issues

    Roofing Systems

    Examine roof covering, flashings, fasteners, drainage, and potential leaks

    Electrical Systems

    Inspect panels, wiring, lighting, and safety issues

    Plumbing Systems

    Inspect visible piping, fixtures, and functional drainage

    HVAC Systems

    Examine the heating, air conditioning, ventilation and distribution systems

    Fire Safety Compliance

    Ensure that your Fire Suppression Systems, and Alarm inspections are current and identified

    Accessibility and Parking

    Evaluate all parking lots, stripping, ingress/egress, and any potential safety hazards

    Permit Report

    Provide a detailed documented report on permits and contractors (Buildfax)

    The Different Kinds of Buildings We Inspect

    Automotive Repair Centers
    Retail Stores
    Bars, Taverns, Pubs
    Medical Buildings
    Religious Facilities
    Educational Facilities
    Accommodation & Hospitality

    The Commercial Property Inspection Process We Follow


    Schedule a consultation

    We offer a no-cost consultation where we understand your needs, walk you through our services, and suggest optimal solutions.


    Get an inspection

    We’ll finalize a mutually convenient inspection date and our inspector will visit your property to carry out a thorough examination and document all the findings.


    Receive a report

    Our report will highlight inspection findings, areas of concern, and our suggestions. You should receive an inspection report within 2-3 working days after inspection.

    Something About Orlando

    Orlando is a thriving metropolitan hub in Central Florida, home to world-famous theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. However, there is more to Orlando than tourism. It features a vibrant downtown with high-rise offices and condos, museums, performing arts venues, and an eclectic food scene. The affluent suburb Winter Park, known for its upscale shops and restaurants, is located just north of downtown. With its combination of big-city amenities and access to surrounding communities like Winter Park, Orlando offers a high quality of life in a warm climate.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who Should Get A Commercial Building Inspection?

    Anyone who owns or maintains a commercial building in Orlando should consider a building inspection.

    A commercial building inspection is a must-have exercise to examine a building’s existing condition, including structural integrity and safety. Also, these inspections check whether or not the building meets safety standards.

    What’s inspected during a commercial inspection?

    Commercial inspections in Florida, formally called ‘Property Condition Assessments,’ are conducted as per ASTM E2018-08 guidelines. Herein, licensed building inspectors will analyze the interior and exterior components of a building.
    You can expect a building inspector to examine the following areas in these inspections:

    • Building’s foundation and structure
    • Roofing
    • Exterior and interior walls
    • Electrical wirings and panels
    • Plumbing lines
    • HVAC system

    How Much Does A Building Inspector charge?

    According to market estimates, city of Orlando building inspections can cost you in the range of $1250-$2500.

    However, the actual amount you pay for a commercial building inspection will depend on factors such as the size of the property and inspection package, among others.

    Wondering how much a building inspector in Orlando, FL, will charge you?

    You can get in touch with us and receive a precise quote for your project free of charge.

    How often should you get your building inspected?

    A building inspection every 5 years is suggested to ensure the longevity of the structure and the safety of occupants.

    Also, balcony inspections should be conducted every 3 years, and buildings should receive a DBPR HR-7020 Certificate.

    Similarly, lease inspections, although not mandatory, should be conducted every time you renew a lease or enter a new lease agreement. This removes the chances of potential conflict with property owners when it comes to the overall condition of the property.

    Who should you hire to conduct a commercial building inspection?

    A building inspection, whether commercial or residential, should always be conducted by a licensed Florida building inspector by law.

    Apart from the license, you should also look for certifications such as InterNACHI, NACBI, and CMI. That’s because these certifications are a sign that the inspectors are well accomplished and have expertise in their line of work.


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