Buildings We Inspect

Our commercial building inspectors are highly seasoned in their trade and cover an extensive range of real estate, including corporate buildings, healthcare facilities, and more.

Accommodation & Hospitality

Hotels, Inns, Bed & Breakfasts

Our inspectors carry specialized expertise in DBPR HR-7020 certification inspections required for these establishments, along with comprehensive property inspections.

Retirement Homes & Senior Centers

Our inspection plans for elder care facilities are especially designed to ensure minimum inconvenience to the seniors throughout the inspection process.

Retail & Commercial Spaces

Retail Stores

Our retail store inspection plans are curated for a detailed and quick inspection, allowing you to know about potential issues without hurting business.

Shopping Centers

We bring years of experience and cutting-edge tools to conduct in-depth inspections of shopping complexes with minimal downtime.

Car Dealerships

An auto retail inspection can be complex. Our car dealership inspection plans are designed for meticulous examination with special care to the automobile inventory.

Food & Entertainment

Bars, Taverns, Pubs

Having inspected over hundred bars, pubs, and taverns, we know where the devil lies and what it takes to keep your establishment in tip top shape.


Our restaurant inspections come with unmatched flexibility, allowing you to keep your outlet open and operate seamlessly during business hours.

Healthcare & Wellness

Medical & Pharmaceutical Labs

Our medico lab inspections adhere to the highest standards of safety and hygiene and offer detailed insights into the property’s condition.

Professional, Medical & Dental Offices

We provide comprehensive office space assessments and even cover medical and paramedic practices as part of our office inspection solutions.

Education & Religious Facilities

Schools & Daycare Centers

We go the extra mile by offering flexible time frames for schools and daycares, ensuring they don’t need to close down during building inspections.

Churches & Meetinghouses

Our community space inspection schedules are tailored to ensure a thorough analysis of the building with zero interruption to events, such as Sunday Mass.

Seminary & Cathedral

Like public spaces, our team also carries extensive experience in inspecting seminary and cathedral buildings with minimum disruption to everyday functions.

Public Services & Safety

Firehouses & Police Stations

Public buildings, such as firehouses and police stations, are the backbone of the community. Our premium-quality inspections ensure they remain in perfect shape.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Light Industrial / Manufacturing

Our industrial inspection strategies are specially curated to help you maintain production on schedule while meeting your inspection obligations.


Whether your warehouse is empty or filled to capacity, with our leading-edge inspection tools, we can provide you with a clear picture.

Community & Recreational Spaces

Equestrian Facilities & Stables

Get your equestrian facilities inspected from the inside out without the worry of moving the equines with our custom-made inspection plans.

Fitness Centers

Our commercial inspectors deploy top-notch skills and techniques to ensure in-depth fitness center inspection with the shortest downtime.

Funeral Homes

Designed for special care, our funeral home inspections are conducted with high sensitivity and guarantee zero interruption.

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