Commercial Inspection In Vilano Beach, FL, By Specialists

With two decades plus expertise, our commercial inspection services in Vilano Beach, FL, help you go beyond guesswork and know your property’s existing condition. Our building inspectors follow ASTM inspection standards and detect all big and small issues in your building.

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Something About Our Vilano Beach Commercial Building Inspections

FCBI was founded 20 years ago by Chris Barnard with a vision to build a one-stop shop for top-quality commercial inspections.

Over the years, our dedicated efforts and unrivaled expertise have made us the most dependable commercial building inspectors in Vilano Beach and throughout Eastern Florida. Our approach is simple: To provide you with detailed insights into your building’s current state and help you keep it in the best shape.

    Why Us For Commercial Inspection In Vilano Beach, FL

    Inspection Experts

    We carry decades of experience and numerous certifications from top institutions, making us industry-wide experts across all building types.

    Competitive Pricing

    Our quotes are based on your exact inspection requirements, allowing us to offer the most competitive prices on the market.

    Timely Reports

    We understand the criticality of on-time inspection reports for commercial properties. You can rest assured of thorough reporting within 2-3 work days.

    We Are Certified From The Top Institutions

    As leading Vilano Beach inspectors, we boast certifications from renowned entities such as Master Inspector Certification Board, Infraspection Institute, National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors (NACBI). Think of these as a badge of assurance for top-notch building assessment, condition report, and post-inspection support.

    What’s Covered In Our Vilano Beach, FL, Commercial Inspection?


    Assess a building’s visible structure for possible defects or settlement issues.

    Roofing Systems

    Examine roof covering, flashings, fasteners, drainage, and potential leaks.

    Electrical Systems

    Inspect panels, wiring, lighting, and safety issues.

    Plumbing Systems

    Inspect visible piping, fixtures, and functional drainage.

    HVAC Systems

    Examine the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and distribution systems.

    Fire Safety Compliance

    Ensure that your Fire Suppression Systems, and Alarm inspections are current and identified.

    Accessibility and Parking

    Evaluate all parking lots, stripping, ingress/egress, and any potential safety hazards.

    Permit Report

    Documented Permit and Contractor report (Buildfax).

    Our Inspection Services Include Buildings Like

    Automotive Repair Centers
    Retail Stores
    Bars, Taverns, Pubs
    Medical Buildings
    Religious Facilities
    Educational Facilities
    Accommodation & Hospitality

    The Commercial Building Inspection Process We Follow


    Consultation Call

    This is a pre-inspection procedure where we understand your building type and inspection requirements and provide you a free project quote.


    Building Inspection

    Our team visits your property on a scheduled inspection date, assesses its condition, and examines vital building systems and documents,


    Assessment Report

    We prepare an assessment report that details the findings of our inspection in a comprehensive yet simple-to-understand manner.

    Something About Vilano Beach, FL

    Nestled just north of St. Augustine and not so far from Palm Coast, Vilano Beach is a quaint community offering a laid-back lifestyle with serene beaches and unimpeded natural beauty. This stands in stark contrast to the more bustling tourist spots found elsewhere in the Sunshine State.

    For outdoor sports enthusiasts, this region is a haven offering activities like surfing, paddleboarding, fishing, and more. Beyond its natural landscapes, Vilano Beach has a rich history and a vibrant local community. In fact, this place has evolved from a simple fishing village into a beloved vacation spot and residential township. But, despite this growth, it has managed to retain its old world charm, with local shops, restaurants, and attractions that echo the warmth and hospitality of its residents.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When do you need commercial inspection services in Vilano Beach, FL?

    If you own, operate, or manage a commercial building in Vilano Beach, then you need to hire a commercial building inspection firm at least every five years. That’s because it is your responsibility to maintain the building according to safety and quality standards.

    You see, a commercial building inspection helps detect underlying problems and documents them in an inspection report. This allows you to fix those problems and ensure your building ins in top shape.

    Similarly, if you’re about to buy or rent a commercial property, you should hire a commercial building inspector and get an inspection before deal closure.

    What qualifications should you look for in a commercial inspector in Vilano Beach?

    One qualification that is absolutely necessary for a building inspector is a state-specific inspection license. For example, if you want to hire a commercial inspector in Vilano Beach, FL, then we suggest you make sure they’re licensed in Florida.

    Next, you should also look for additional qualifications, such as how experienced and knowledgeable the inspectors are. One good way to do so is to look for certifications from institutions such as MICB, NACBI, etc.

    Finally, you should ask the commercial inspectors what standards they follow for inspection. For example, ASTM E2018 standards are the highest benchmark in the inspection industry. So, it’s good to make sure your inspector adheres to these standards.

    Which do we inspect in your building?

    We inspect your building based on a standard inspection checklist, which includes vital components like structure, roofing, etc.

    Here’s what our building inspectors will look at in your property:

    • Structure
    • Foundation
    • Roofs
    • Walls
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Plumbing systems
    • Electrical components
    • HVACs
    • Basement
    • Parking and walkways
    • Fire safety systems
    • Documents

    How do we quote you for a commercial inspection in Vilano Beach?

    Our commercial building inspection quotes are based on various factors, such as the size, location, age, etc., of your building.

    To give you an idea, our average cost of commercial inspection in Vilano Beach, FL, is between $1250 and $2500. But, the actual quote might also exceed this range depending on the above factors.

    Want to know more about the inspection cost breakdown?

    You can read our blog – Commercial Building Inspection Cost.

    How long can we take to inspect your building?

    Our commercial inspection team can take 2-4 hours to thoroughly examine your building. However, the exact time will depend on your property’s size.

    Thereafter, we will prepare an inspection report, which will take another 2-3 working days to finalize

    What are the other inspection services that we offer?

    Apart from commercial inspection in Vilano Beach, FL, we also offer the following specialized inspection services:

    • Balcony Inspections for DBPR HR-7020 certification (follows standard balcony inspection checklist)
    • Property Maintenance Inspection for routine building maintenance and upkeep
    • Triple Net Lease Inspections for Net Net Net Lease Requirements
    • Phase 1 & 2 environmental site assessments

    Is your commercial property due for an assessment?

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