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Our Jacksonville building inspection adheres to the ASTM E2018 Building Standard, ensuring our work is top-notch, and so is the inspection report that you’re given. Receive in-depth insights on cutting costs, safety, and property maintenance.

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About FCBI – Your Jacksonville Building Inspection Partner

Founded by Chris Barnard , a visionary with 20 years of construction and renovation experience, our company is driven by the pursuit of excellence. We’ve transformed the inspection landscape in Florida, providing a holistic approach to commercial property inspection. More than an inspection firm, our Jacksonville building inspection division is your pathway to informed decisions and successful investments.

    Why Our Jacksonville Building Inspection Team?

    Exclusive Certifications

    FCBI boasts certifications from NACBI, the Master Inspector Certification Board, and the Infraspection Institute, setting us apart in Jacksonville.

    Wealth of Expertise

    Our Jacksonville team offers an impressive 20+ years of collective experience, ensuring unparalleled property insights.

    Detailed & Accurate Reports

    Count on us for clear, detailed inspection reports that disclose everything and give you peace of mind.

    Certifications That Count in the Inspection Industry

    Our inspectors are certified by the country’s best such as NACBI, Master Inspector Certification Board, Infraspection Institute, and many more. You can count on our building inspector in Jacksonville FL for both spot-on inspections and a detailed, accurate report that will help you in decision-making.

    What Elements Does Our Jacksonville Building Inspection Cover?

    Structural Integrity

    Identify potential settlement issues or defects by evaluating the building’s visible structure


    Check the flashings, roof covering, drainage, fasteners, and possible leaks


    Identify safety issues, if any, through evaluating panels, wiring, and lighting


    Examine all fixtures, visible piping, and functional drainage

    HVAC Equipment

    Assess heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and distribution systems

    Adhering to Fire Safety

    To make sure the alarm and fire suppression systems are up-to-date and identified

    Environmental Concerns

    Check for asbestos, mold, and pests

    ASTM Compliance

    Comply with the ASTM E2018-08 Standard

    Accessibility And Parking

    Check the stripping, parking lots, ingress/egress, and potential safety issues

    Permit Report

    Documented permit and contractor report (Buildfax)

    What kind of buildings do we inspect?

    Automotive Repair Centers
    Retail Stores
    Bars, Taverns, Pubs
    Medical Buildings
    Religious Facilities
    Educational Facilities
    Accommodation & Hospitality

    Our Commercial Building Inspection Process


    Initial Consultation

    We will discuss your needs and concerns and compose a personalized quote tailored to your needs. It will outline the scope of the inspection as well as the pricing.


    Building Inspection

    Our inspector performs a thorough property condition assessment, and documents any deficiencies.


    Providing Report

    We provide you with a simple to read, in-depth report. Our reports are accurate, and are typically delivered within 2-3 business days from the date of the inspection.

    About Jacksonville

    Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida by area, sprawling across over 840 square miles on the state’s northeast coast. With mild winters and hot, humid summers, Jacksonville has a subtropical climate influenced by the Atlantic Ocean.

    Home to major naval bases, Jacksonville has a large military presence. The city also features eclectic neighborhoods like Riverside with historic homes, Downtown’s skyscrapers, and beachside communities like Jacksonville Beach. Jacksonville is known for its Riverwalk along the St. Johns River, where locals and visitors can enjoy views of the waterfront.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the importance of a commercial building inspection?

    A commercial building inspection, when done properly, ensures the occupants are safe, adheres to the building standards, identifies all potential issues, and safeguards the investments of property owners or investors.

    What components of a property are covered in your commercial inspection?

    Whatever is included in our realm of assessment, we inspect them. To be specific, we inspect the following:

    • Structural integrity
    • Electrical systems
    • Plumbing
    • HVAC systems
    • Roofing conditions
    • Safety/security features

    And finally, we also check if the property condition meets the building standards or if repairs are necessary to undertake. Our goal is to ensure we help you make educated decisions and keep your property’s health up

    How long will it take to inspect my property?

    This completely depends on the size and the complexity of your property. But to give you an average number, commercial inspection usually takes 2 to 4 hours to complete. We advise you to contact our team and share the relevant information so we can give you an actual time estimate.

    What are the qualifications of your inspector?

    Our Jacksonville inspections team holds certifications from reputed institutes like NACBI, Master Inspector Certification Board, Infraspection Institute, and many more. Our inspections adhere to the ASTM building standards, ensuring our work quality is top-notch, and so are our inspection reports.

    Do you provide a report once the inspection is complete?

    Yes, we do. Once we are through with the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed, properly structured inspection report that will have a thorough breakdown of the findings and any issues that are identified during the inspection. We are fully aware of the importance of such an inspection, so we ensure the reports are delivered promptly (typically within 2-3 business days of the inspection) so you can make better decisions faster.

    How Much Does a Commercial Inspection Cost?

    The cost depends on the size, structure, and complexity of the building. However, on average, you can expect somewhere between $1,250 and $2,500. To know the cost of your building’s inspection, get in touch with our inspectors today.


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