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With over 20 years of inspecting commercial real estate and adhering to the ASTM E2018-08 standards, our team goes beyond the surface to identify potential problems within your property that other companies might miss, helping you make the right choices for your investment.

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The Different Services We Provide

Commercial Building Inspections

In-depth inspection to ensure structural and safety excellence, adhering to the current building standards.

Property Condition Assessment

Pinpointing property condition and risks, and adhering to ASTM E2018-08.

Triple Net Lease Inspections

Rigorous assessments to safeguard both lessors and lessees in lease agreements.

Property Maintenance Inspections

Focused inspections to maintain property integrity and extend its lifespan effectively.

Balcony Inspections

Expert scrutiny of balconies to ensure safety and structural soundness.

Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental investigations to uncover potential risks and regulatory concerns comprehensively.

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