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Get a complete balcony inspection and obtain DBPR HR-7020 certification without hassle with seasoned balcony inspectors.

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Considering a balcony inspection? Here’s when it’s necessary

  • Your building is three stories or higher

  • The balcony is 17 feet from the ground

  • Last inspection was conducted 3 years ago

  • You’ve recently bought or leased the building

  • Planning to AirBNB or short term rental a property with balconies

Avoid legal complications by ensuring balcony compliance

Own a hotel or Airbnb that’s three stories or more? If yes, state laws require you to conduct a balcony inspection more often than not. A licensed balcony inspector can help you detect potential problems such as leaks and cracks, helping you avert major safety risks and avoid expensive repairs. Also, they can help your building qualify for the compulsory DBPR HR-7020 certificate.

Certified inspectors for balcony inspections

Our inspectors hold board certification from the National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors (NACBI) and are recognized as Certified Master Inspectors (CMI), guaranteeing adherence to the highest standards. Our proficient team of balcony inspectors provide a comprehensive and detailed balcony inspection report that you can trust.

What is included in our balcony inspection?


Checks whether or not the balcony deck is damage-free and safe.

Wall attachment

To ensure that the add-on structure is safely fastened to the wall.

Ledger boards

Verifies if the ledger board supporting railing is stable and intact.


To detect and prevent splintering, rusting, and flaking of handrails.


Confirms if every fastener is rust-free and safely tightened in place.


Examines stairs leading to the balcony to ensure it is safe.

Types of commercial buildings we inspect


Provides accommodation for 25 or more guests.


Offers individual rental units with an outdoor exit.

Vacation Rental

Unit/s in a condominium or cooperative or family house.

Nontranslent Appartment

Building/s with 75% or more units for nontransient tenants.

Transient Appartment

Buildings with 25%+ units for transient occupancy advertised.

Bed And Breakfast Inn

A family home modified as a transient public lodging.

Timeshare Project

A timeshare property defined in chapter 721 Florida Statutes.

Our simple 4-step process


Book a free consultation

The initial consultation is absolutely free-of-charge. Herein, we understand your exact requirements, prepare an inspection plan, and provide a quote.


Thorough balcony inspection

Our team of licensed inspectors will conduct an in-depth assessment of your balcony as per latest standards and identity underlying problems (if any).


Obtain an inspection report

We will create a detailed yet simple to understand report highlighting our findings and suggestions to resolve issues that may exist.


Ongoing support and assistance

We are available to assist you with our suggestions, and answer any questions you may have following the inspection results.

Why choose FCBI for DBPR HR-7020 inspection?

Seasoned experts

At FCBI, we are a team of North East and Central Florida’s most experienced balcony inspectors with over a decade in the industry.

Punctuality guaranteed

When it comes to balcony inspections, time is of essence. We guarantee a complete inspection report within 2-3 business days.

Transparent pricing

We provide you with a detailed and precise quote for inspection. And we never charge over and above the quote.

Our Recent Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DBPR HR-7020 balcony inspection?

A balcony inspection, or DBPR HR-7020 certification inspection as it is otherwise called, is mandatory assessment required for hotels, Airbnbs, etc., that’s three stories or taller.

Herein, any balcony, landing, or porch that’s accessible to and used by the public is thoroughly inspected to ensure that it’s structurally sound and safe to use. Also, based on how satisfactory the inspection report is, a DBPR HR-7020 certification is issued to the property owners.

When do you need to conduct balcony inspections in Florida?

If you own or operate a “public lodging establishment” in Florida that’s either transient (rented for less than 30 days) or non-transient (rented for more than 30 days) in nature, you’ll need balcony inspections.

For instance, any hotel, motel, or Airbnb in Florida needs to have a balcony inspection. In all, you’ll need to conduct a mandatory balcony inspection if your building falls in the following categories:

  • It is three stories or taller
  • The balcony is 17 feet above ground level
  • It’s been three years since the last inspection
  • You’ve just bought or leased the property

Are there exemptions from DBPR HR-7020 inspection?

Yes, there certainly are exemptions from compulsory balcony inspections. 

Here are some examples of buildings that don’t need a DBPR HR-7020 inspection: 

  • Dormitories in public or private schools, colleges, and universities. 
  • Any building that hosts a fcacity run by either the Department of Children and Families or the Agency for Health Care Administration. 
  • The Department of Health run migrant housing and camps. 
  • Nonprofits offering housing to patients, caregivers, etc. 
  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development run buildings. 
  • Condo buildings that have less than four units regularly put up for rent. (Note: These condos still need to conduct necessary building inspections). 

Who can conduct a balcony inspection in Florida?

According to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), you can hire any licensed inspector who’s competent to conduct balcony inspections.And this includes engineers, general contractors, architects, etc., who’re licensed in the state of Florida.

Looking for the right balcony inspector?

We are a team of licensed building inspectors with over two decades of experience. Get in touch with us and receive a free quote for your inspection project.

What is included in a typical Florida balcony inspection?

Balcony inspections usually look at the following areas: decking, wall attachments, ledger boards, railings, fasteners, and stairwells.

What if your building fails an inspection?

It is necessary to get your building inspected at regular intervals and keep everything safe and up to the mark.

That’s because if the balcony inspector is not satisfied with safety compliance during a DBPR HR-7020 inspection, they’ll list it in their report. And legally this can result in the closure of the facility.

What are your other services?

Apart from DBPR HR-7020 inspections for balconies, we also offer the following services:

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