Ensure structural integrity with our commercial building inspections

We offer in-depth commercial inspection reports that go beyond the basics, providing actionable insights into property maintenance, safety, and cost-saving opportunities. Our inspections adhere to the ASTM E2018 Standard to ensure quality work.

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Key benefits of our commercial building inspections

  • Identify defects with major building components in order to save on long term costs

  • Ensure compliance with ASTM standards and regulations

  • Evaluate the property’s investment potential and risks

  • Enhance negotiation power for purchase or lease

When should you hire us for a commercial property inspection?

You should hire us for an extensive commercial property inspection before purchasing any property to thoroughly uncover any hidden defects or safety issues that could substantially impact the building’s value, your operations, or employee safety. An in-depth inspection provides critical information to make an informed buying decision and negotiate with the seller if major issues are found.

Trusted Experts in Commercial Building Inspections

Our skilled inspectors carry the prestigious board certification from the National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors (NACBI), Master Inspector Certification Board, and Infraspection Institute. You can trust our Central Florida commercial building inspectors to conduct a meticulous, in-depth inspection and furnish a dependable report.

What is included in our commercial inspection?

Structural Integrity

Assess a building’s visible structure for possible defects or settlement issues

Roofing System

Examine roof covering, flashings, fasteners, drainage, and potential leaks

Electrical Systems

Inspect panels, wiring, lighting, and safety issues

Plumbing Systems

Inspect visible piping, fixtures, and functional drainage

HVAC Systems

Examine the heating, air conditioning, ventilation and distribution systems

Fire Safety Compliance

Ensure that your Fire Suppression Systems, and Alarm inspections are current and identified

Environmental Concerns

Inspect for mold, asbestos, and pests

ASTM Compliance

Conforming to ASTM E2018-08 standards

Accessibility and Parking

Evaluate all parking lots, stripping, ingress/egress, and any potential safety hazards

Permit Report

Documented Permit and Contractor report (Buildfax)

What kind of buildings do we inspect?

Automotive Repair Centers
Retail Stores
Bars, Taverns, Pubs
Medical Buildings
Religious Facilities
Educational Facilities
Accommodation & Hospitality

Our Rigorous Commercial Inspection Process


Initial Consultation and Quote

We engage in a personalized consultation to discuss your needs and concerns. You receive a detailed quote outlining the inspection scope and transparent pricing.


Property Inspection

Our expert conducts an on-site assessment, gaining an overview of the property and uncovering hidden issues in structural, electrical, plumbing, and key components.


Providing Inspection Report

You receive a detailed, jargon-free report with supporting documentation. Reports are promptly delivered for timely access to critical property information.

Why FCBI for commercial property inspection?

Certified Excellence

FCBI team holds prestigious certifications from NACBI, Infraspection Institute, and Master Inspector Certification Board, ensuring top-tier expertise in commercial property inspection.

Seasoned Expertise

Our team boasts a collective experience of over 2 decades, providing unmatched insights into commercial property inspections.

Clear Communication & Detailed Reports

We excel in open and supportive communication, delivering comprehensive, meticulous inspection reports for your peace of mind.

Our Recent Projects

Performed Commercial Inspection for a Strip Mall on US Highway 98 North

Inspection Done For a Strip Mall on the E Broadway Street

Commercial Inspection of a Popular Gift Shop in Anastasia Boulevard

A Retail Store on US Highway 17 Inspected for Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of getting commercial property inspections?

Getting periodic commercial property inspections from a reputable company provides immense value by identifying issues early before they become costly repairs down the road. Thorough commercial real estate inspections protect your investment and inform maintenance.

When should I schedule commercial real estate inspection services?

You should schedule comprehensive inspections of your commercial real estate at least annually. It’s also smart to book commercial building inspection services before finalizing a purchase or lease agreement.

What does a commercial building inspection company check?

Commercial real estate inspectors thoroughly examine all aspects of the property including roof, foundation, walls, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, safety features, compliance and more. They also provide a detailed inspection report.

What qualifications should a commercial real estate inspector have?

Look for licensed commercial real estate inspectors with extensive experience inspecting properties similar to yours. Verify they carry liability insurance and have access to tools and technology for thorough commercial property inspections. Strong communication skills are also vital.

How long does a standard commercial property inspection take?

The length of a commercial property inspection can vary based on size and condition, but we spend at least 2-4 hours thoroughly examining the interior and exterior aspects of the building. Larger facilities may require more time.

What should I do if issues are discovered during the inspection of commercial building?

Review the detailed commercial building inspection report then contact the provider to discuss any priority issues or safety concerns. They can explain the implications and help create a plan for addressing problems through repairs or maintenance based on their assessment.

Will inspection reports stand up in court if needed?

If properly documented by any of the reputable, independent commercial building inspection companies, the inspection report can serve as legal evidence and stand up in court. Thorough reports clearly outline findings and include photographic evidence as needed.

How much will a commercial inspection cost?

The cost will always vary based on the size, structure, and complexity of the business. But on average, the cost for a commercial inspection is between $1,250 and $2,500. For an accurate estimate, you can get in touch with our team.

What are the other services that you offer?

Apart from full-scale commercial building inspections, we also offer additional inspection services for various properties. This includes:

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