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Our triple net inspections ensure a seamless lease period

  • Avoid sudden or unexpected complications

  • Eliminate disagreements between the parties

  • Cut down your operational costs

  • Stay clear of unnecessary legal processes

What does our triple net inspection offer

Conducting thorough inspections for Net Lease, Triple Net Lease (NNN Lease) properties is a critical step before committing to a commercial lease. Assessing the precise condition of the building is paramount. Understanding its maintenance history is essential—what upkeep has been carried out and the exact state of the property. Taking this proactive step can prevent unexpected financial burdens in the future.

Our approach involves conducting comprehensive inspections as if we were investing in or leasing the building ourselves. We disregard assertions made by the current owner regarding past repairs or replacements. We often find amateur repairs or maintenance issues that could cause imminent failures, safety hazards, or urgent repair needs due to inadequate prior fixes by non-professionals. These issues might necessitate immediate replacement or repair.

Top rated NNN inspectors

We only utilize commercial building inspectors in Central Florida exhibiting board certification from the distinguished National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors (NACBI) and the Certified Master Inspector (CMI) designation. Our veteran team furnishes meticulous inspection reports of utmost integrity.

Triple Net Lease Inspection Options

Pre-lease inspection

A thorough property condition assessment for documenting the condition of the building prior to leasing.

Occupied Lease Inspection

Documents the condition of the building during a lease to confirm that a tenant is meeting maintenance obligations.

Post-lease inspections

Documents the condition of a property after the tenant leaves the building.

Our lease inspection services cover

Automotive Repair Centers
Retail Stores
Bars, Taverns, Pubs
Medical Buildings
Religious Facilities
Educational Facilities
Accommodation & Hospitality

Our 3-step triple net lease inspection process


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Site Visit – NNN Lease Inspection

Our lease inspection experts will undertake a detailed assessment of the property and establish its existing condition.


Obtain an inspection report

We will prepare a thorough inspection report highlighting our findings and walk both the parties through it for improved clarity.

Why choose us for NNN Lease inspections?

Industry leaders

At FCBI, we lead the Net Net Net inspection industry with over 20 years of expertise and unmatched certifications of excellence.

Timely inspection guarantee

Our triple net inspections come with a typical turnaround time of 2-3 business days. Rest assured, you should receive both the inspection and report within this timeline.


Our flexible pricing policy ensures quotes tailored precisely to your inspection needs, making our inspection plans both affordable and efficient.

Our Recent Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a triple net lease inspection?

A triple net inspection, also called NNN or net-net-net inspection, is usually conducted before, during, or after a triple net lease period.

For instance, both lessors and lessees can choose between pre, post, and during the lease NNN inspections. Also, they can go for all the three triple net inspections for complete clarity about the maintenance and repair liability of both the parties.

Why is a NNN inspection important?

NNN inspections are carried as per norms set by the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP) for a transparent and unbiased inspection. This ensures both the lessor and the lessee can come to an understanding about their individual responsibilities.

Also, this removes any chances of potential conflict or disagreement between the two parties in the lease agreement.

Furthermore, one such inspection can help you:

  • Significantly reduce your operational expenses
  • Avoid any inconvenience during the lease period
  • Shield yourself from legal claims and hurdles

What are the different types of Net Net Net inspection services?

Tripe net or net-net-net inspections are divided in three categories, namely:

  • Pre-lease inspection: Conducted before the finalization of the lease agreement to ensure both the parties have clarity about the existing condition of the property.
  • During the lease inspection: Conducted during the lease period and often by lessor to ensure that the lessee is meeting the maintenance obligations as per the lease agreement.
  • Post-lease inspection: Conducted after the completion of the lease period and requested by either the lessor or the lessee to ascertain the property’s condition.

Who conducts triple net inspections?

A triple net inspection should always be conducted by an inspector licensed in the state where the property is located. For instance, in Florida, you should go for inspectors with a FL inspection license.

Also, it is essential that you hire a third party inspector to maintain neutrality during the inspection.

How much does a triple net lease inspection cost?

As per contemporary industry figures, you can expect to pay in the range of $1250 and $2500. However, this cost can exceed the above average depending on the actual size of your property.

What are your different services apart from NNN inspections?

Our inspections cover a diverse range of buildings and inspection requirements apart from triple net inspections and include:

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